My Teenage Single Mother...How one sentence changed my life

Growing up my mom would tell me over and over, "Katie, you've got to look past the city limit sign," and "never travel without your Bible." I never really knew what she meant until I got older. I've carried this quote with me my entire life and looking back I realized from it (and my mom) I learned:

1.) If you make a "mistake" don't run. Blessings in life are hidden by a nasty term called "hard work."


2.)  Try iceskating (or a new activity frequently) it keeps life exciting and makes for some interesting stories later!


3.)  Karaoke at least once or two or three times, and tell your children they can sing even if they can't. It makes them feel like they have the chance of fulfilling their dreams of being a famous rockstar one day. Kind words go a long way in life. 


4.) Be present in photos. Every house, school, friend, family member, or job you have, document it. It doesn't matter if you have packed on a few pounds or have a pimple on the end of your nose. One day you'll wish you had those photos to look back on. 

5.)  If you find someone worth your time, make sure they're worth your future or present children's time as well. 

6.)  Never take yourself so serious you forget how to have fun, and always be yourself, no matter who is watching. 


7.) Work hard. It will pay off some day. 

8. There will come a time (most likely many times) in your life where you meet a cross roads. Do not panic.

9.) If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.  


10.) At the end of it all NEVER quit dreaming. NEVER quit praying. NEVER quit looking past that city limit sign! Whatever you dream of is possible, so don't limit yourself. The city may look large, but the world is larger. (The Universe even larger!) 

Yesterday my mom sent a quote to me. I'm not sure where it originated from, but I think it will be a nice one to keep me going for the next few years, "Are you satisfied with a spark, or do you want to set the world on fire?"