Model Monday-Colie W. in Baltimore, MD

The simply stunning and great to work with, Colie Wagner, withstood below freezing temperatures at the Cylburn Arborteum in Baltimore, MD. While Winter provides amazing lighting for photographers, it is certainly a battle of mind over matter for models. Colie never complained once! 

Today, I caught up with Colie and asked her a plethora of questions pertaining to her modeling experience. While she is just starting out, she has some great words of wisdom!

What is fun and rewarding about modeling?

It is just nice to be able to be yourself in front of the camera and feel totally comfortable while doing so. I love being able to have fun and goof around at shoots.

What distinguishes a good model from a bad one?

I believe a good model should always have a good attitude, be down to earth, and be able to adapt to the different ways different photographers work.

How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?

It has made me more confident in myself. I used to be extremely under confident, self-conscious, and scared to do many different things. Being able to model has made me open up to new opportunities and has made me realize to not be scared of anything. It taught me to embrace everything you are made of.

Where do you generally shop? : 

My three favorite stores are Forever 21, Love Culture, and Windsor.

What location(s) do you work in, and where are you willing to travel?: 

New Jersey.

What is the best way for photographers to get in touch with you?: 

Facebook or Email-

What is your availability for future shoots?

Weekends are usually best, but I can sometimes work around them. I like to plan ahead!


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The first image shown won "Outstanding" in the ViewBug's Beautiful Figures Photo Contest. 

Colie's favorite quote is, "to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment" because many people are afraid of being themselves anymore. They try to be what people make them be. I believe it is the greatest thing if you can remain yourself and still accomplish everything you have wanted too without turning into something you are not. 

Colie reminds us to always be original.

It was such a pleasure working with her, and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to book a reliable and flexible model! 

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