17 things you didn't know about your Orlando Senior Photographer

(Because 20 is too many and 15 too few.)

  1. My nickname growing up was crash, because I was constantly falling or running into things. 
  2. Once I fell into a manhole in the middle of a sidewalk.
  3. I instantly turn into a giddy little girl again when I see anything from The Lion King.
  4. I follow a strict gluten, soy, potato, corn, and tree nut free diet. (Try explaining that to a chef)!
  5. Grandma's pin wheel candy is my favorite, but I'll settle for a plain Hershey bar.
  6. My uncle and I send each other selfies of our white chocolate mochas from Starbucks. Don't judge.
  7. I put ketchup on my ketchup and frequently eat it with a side of ketchup.
  8. Man, West Virginia is my hometown, and I am a proud alum of Man High School-home of the Hillbillies.
  9. "The higher, the faster, the better." My philosophy on roller coasters.
  10. I have 5 tattoos.
  11. Growing up I dreamed of becoming a professional rollerblader.
  12. I was married at the tender age of two. It ended in a nasty divorce when I found my first boyfriend in kindergarten.  He got the car, but I won the custody battle over Barbie.
  13. I didn't learn to swim until I was 13.
  14. I hate leaving voicemails. They're such a permanent thing. (Okay, yes. I once professed my love for a boy I liked, and couldn't take it back.)
  15. I want a love like Hazel Grace had with Augustus Waters-even if it ends in heart break.
  16. I love hugs.
  17. Psalm 46:5