Day in the Life | Adams Family

This is the first go with the new "Day in the Life" sessions soon to be offered. Kass and BJ have a heart-melting and miracle of a story with their little boy Caedmon. 

Here's Kassie's story of the months leading to the birth of her beautiful baby boy:

"We had been married for two years when we decided to start a family. After trying for 3 years and no results, we decided to switch doctors. After some testing, it was determined that we would not have children of our own with out the help of fertility medication and probably in vitro fertilization. We chose not to do either, due to the high risks of the drugs. We decided that we would save up and eventually adopt. Still heart broken from the news, we still decided to be faithful to God and praise him through this anyway. One Sunday during a service, pastor said that he felt that someone needed to go buy a pack of diapers out of faith and expect a miracle. I felt like that message was for me. So next grocery trip, BJ and I headed down the diaper aisle. We felt like fools. We had no idea what we were looking for or what we were doing. So we chose a pack of inexpensive newborn diapers. We went to checkout and we had all food and at the end of the line was this small pack of diapers.  We brought them home opened them and smelled them. We laughed at each other, and we laughed at the fact we bought diapers for a baby that didn't exist. We put them in the spare closet and forgot about them. 6 weeks later, I bought a pregnancy test at 10:30 pm at the 7-11 down the street. We were pretty sure it was going to be negative. When it showed positive, we remembered the pack of diapers, and God's promise that he will give us the desires of our hearts. I had a wonderful and completely healthy pregnancy, and now I have a wonderful and completely healthy baby boy."

God is good all time and his love is like no other. Here is a typical morning with the Adams.

Leave BJ, Kass, and Caedmon lots of love!