Magician Ace Cunnings | Orlando, FL Magic

Ace, my model for the day, and I met the cutest and most awesome two-year-old in line to see Ariel. Watching Ace interact with the little boy was very heart warming. If anyone could help us locate the family of the little boy pictured below,  we would both appreciate it very much. I would love to be able to give them the images of their little boy and girl. I believe the little boy’s name to be Drighton, and the family is from Louisiana.

About the day:

I had the opportunity to photograph something very new to me-sleight of hand and illusions. Magician Ace Cunnings, Orlando’s own magician and illusionist, worked patiently (and epically I might add) with me. Ace performed magic on the spot, and engaged the audience around him. 

Ace worked great with and brought smiles to adults and children alike. Below you will find the images of the “street” magic. Check back soon for Ace’s story, styled images, and magic with Disney characters!