21 Life lessons learned the year after divorce

  1. Healing takes time, but time heals anything that hurts
  2. More people care about you than you realize.
  3. It's okay to be a little selfish, and dare I say, fall in love with yourself. (Good and bad).
  4. No one will ever respect you until you respect yourself.
  5. You will love again. When you do it will be greater and deeper than you could ever imagine and from people you never expected.
  6. God is the best friend you will ever have. 
  7. You're likely going to experience emotions you never knew existed. Don't try to eliminate them. Embrace them and work through each as they manifest.
  8. How you're feeling is completely rational and perfectly okay.
  9. If it hurts, embrace it. Let it hurt so much you'll never forget it, and consequently, you'll never want to look back.
  10. Surround yourself with people that make you laugh so hard you get an ab workout by simply visiting with them.
  11. When you have no desire to smile, smile that much bigger. One day you'll wake up and not have to think about it.
  12. No amount of money  can replace the love or passion you desperately need in your life. And no, money cannot buy your happiness. 
  13. Talk. Talk to everyone you possible can. Tell your story. It's going to hurt. It's going to rip your heart out and leave you feeling vulnerable. Jump. Tell the story until it no longer hurts. There will be a moment you realize it no longer hurts. You'll know then it's healed. 
  14. Be content with doing nothing. It's completely liberating.
  15. When you're laying in your big bed and you feel cold and alone, put on a pair of socks, toss on an extra blanket, and talk to God. You won't feel so alone anymore. 
  16. A big hug, a good laugh, a little bit of chocolate and coffee, and a whole lot of Jesus is the answer to anything.
  17. Throw out or sell anything that has a feeling attached with it you never want to experience again. Keep all photographs, though. Shove them in a box if you can't stand looking at them. One day looking back will bring happiness and show how far you've come in life. 
  18. As hard as it is, don't let your "failed" love creep into your new love.
  19. There is no such thing as a "failed" love. All love comes with good and bad and a lesson.
  20. Pray for everyone you can (this includes your ex), and give your time to help others. It's just good for the soul. 
  21. Love, all love, is absolutely, positively worth it! All of it.