Jon & Christiane

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." -Ecclesiastes 4:12

Recently two of the most amazing individuals got engaged, and I had the absolute pleasure of not only spending the day with them but photographing the fun! Jon & Christiane's love story is unique and awe inspiring in itself, but the engagement day planned meticulously by Jon is what little girls around the globe dream of. 

Christiane escaped the Indiana winter and experienced her first plane ride the night before. Of course being her first time in Florida, Christiane took the time to name each of the various Palm trees. Which I think her names are way better than the actual names. (If there are actual names that is). 

The day started at an adorable breakfast diner in Haines City, FL. where Ian and myself finally got to meet Christiane in person. After laughing at the bathroom labels for differentiating Men & Women, Sausage & Eggs, we headed to the Bok Tower Gardens. Ian only slightly realized his best friend was about to become engaged on the car ride over. (And later realized that said engaged friend would soon be married. This bromance is certainly one Christiane and I cannot compete with). 

We all enjoyed leisurely walking around and enjoying all that the Bok Tower had to offer. It was absolutely gorgeous! Favorite moment before the big engagement was watching Jon, Christiane, and Ian make fish faces at the Koi in the pond. 

After roaming around for a couple hours, it was time for the big moment! Jon gave me the thumbs up as I was fumbling with changing my lenses. Christiane said it couldn't have been more perfectly timed as she asked Jon to "tell [her] a story," as they were walking and he responded by getting down on one knee. 

My heart melted as I watched both of them smile ear-to-ear unable to contain their happiness any longer. To say you could feel the love and sheer joy from these two is an understatement. 

Matt, Debbie, and little Katarina joined the evening festivities sharing in many laughs and stories over dinner at The CowFish.

As Jon and Christiane come together and inspire those around them to put God first, I pray for many many many years brimming with blessings.