Katie Robertson. 

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Awakening /əˈweɪkənɪŋ/: coming into existence or awareness.

Hi there! I'm Katie. A few years ago, my life drastically changed. It was the moment I needed to try out the whole "living boldly and without shame" idea I had heard so much about. I cut my hair, found Jesus, stopped apologizing for myself, packed what I could into my car, said my heartfelt "see ya laters," and I left my West Virginia home to live in Orlando, FL. 

I was facing a 13 hour drive (half of which was full of uncontrollable sobbing and doubt). No job. No place to live. No idea what it was I was looking for. $2,500 in my pocket. 

Somewhere along the way the tears and doubt became less and less. I found a version of myself I never knew existed and found friends that quickly became family.  Living a shamelessly bold and fearless life was becoming easier by the day. My story was awakening.

>>>Enter Brazen Photo<<

Today, I am living my lifelong dream of telling stories of the amazing people encountered on my journey to living a brazen life. I am a wedding, portrait, and fine art photographer and photojournalist living and loving in Orlando, Florida. I couldn't be more appreciative of all the amazing moments I've experienced over the last few years. My story has come alive.

So tell me, what's your hair-cutting-shamelessly-bold-life-changing journey? Take the chance on life. 

Let's awaken your story.