How much will portraits cost?

The price of your portrait experience depends on which package you choose. We offer three levels of epic experiences found HERE.


 I don't see any images of guys, do you photograph males? 

Yes of course! Our Brazen guys have their own gathering place, found HERE.


Do you photograph sessions in studio or on location?

Studio images can be created anywhere with the right equipment. We do all sessions on-location. If you have a special request or concept, I will be happy to find a location that provides the area for studio images.


How many outfits can I bring?

Bring your whole closet and your best friend's closet, too, if you please! There is no limit on outfit changes as the sessions are based on time-not poses. More choices means more options for Kate to help stylize the session.


How long do you keep my image files?

Images are archived for one year from date delivered. 


I want to wear my hair more than one way. Is that okay?

Sure! However, I suggest planning for two sessions if you want contrasting looks such as curly and straight.


Do you photograph yearbook head shots?

If your school does not require you to use the contracted photographer, I absolutely do! I will just need the requirements from your school. 


How long will the session take?

This depends on which experience you choose. Please plan to arrive at your session a few minutes early. 


Do you retouch your images?

All images are hand chosen and polished to perfection with high-end retouching.


How long will it take before I can see my images?

Due to the amount of time it takes to retouch images, expect to receive your images in 2-4 weeks after your session. 


You took so many pictures! Do I get them all?

Need I refer to the Beyonce debacle of 2013? I hand select each image for your portfolio. The blurry, eyes closed, or unflattering images are all removed. Trust me, you'll be glad I do! 


Can I bring my friend along?

Certainly! I want you to be as comfortable as possible! If you want a couple images with your BFF have her hop right in the action! We can even plan for each individual sessions at the same time to double the fun and experience!!! 


What types of payments do you accept?

Cash, Credit, or Paypal. 


Don’t I have to use the school yearbook company?

Of course not! They're only required to take the obligatory eyes-closed, mouth open pictures as you are in the middle of a sneeze! 


Why should I have you take my senior pictures?

Because the only time you'll see train tracks in your images, is if you are modeling it up in a train, and camo and cowboy hats just aren't my thing. You'll be the envy of the school when your classmates see the jaw-dropping images we create together. 

Do you garentee your work?

Of course! If you are unhappy with your images, I will happily reshoot for free or rework the retouching. 


How many poses can I have?

You will receive the number of images promised with the package you choose.


Can I bring along props?

Sure! If you have a piece that represents you, bring it along. We can build an image around it. 


Do I have to do cheesy poses?

You mean those half-grin, elbow-on-knee to chin, while on a set of railroad tracks poses? Heck to the no, yo! 


What about blemishes?

Easiest part of my job is removing blemishes. 


Where are you located?

We are located in Orlando, servicing Kissimmee, Cocoa Beach, Tampa, Miami, and surrounding areas.


What about evening and weekend appointments?

Evening and weekend appointments are limited, but definitely not impossible. 


I’m ready to book my session. How and when should I do it?

Click THIS! There's no better time than now!