"As bold as a lion." -Proverbs 28:1

Do you just love camo and railroad tracks so much you just HAVE to have your photos taken with them?

Do you have a deep burning desire to have your bare armpit the center-focus of your image while laying in a grassy field?

Do you dream a giant sunball bursting through a sunflower field while wearing your cowboy boots and a hat?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I regret to inform you, I am certainly not your photographer. Email me and I can send you a referral list of the thousands of photographers who are "your" photographer.

HOWEVER! If you want bold, edgy, unique images sure to leave onlookers picking their jaws off of the ground, then I'm your girl.  

Brazen Photo is a bold and shameless senior photography experience with each image hand-crafted with magazine submissions in mind. Your photographer, Kate, is a nationally published artist and specializes in bringing out your inner supermodel-no matter your body size. 

Ready to book your session and be the envy of your school?

Hit me up in the space below, or click HERE to begin your photographic experience of epic proportions. 

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