Jon & Christiane

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." -Ecclesiastes 4:12

Recently two of the most amazing individuals got engaged, and I had the absolute pleasure of not only spending the day with them but photographing the fun! Jon & Christiane's love story is unique and awe inspiring in itself, but the engagement day planned meticulously by Jon is what little girls around the globe dream of. 

Christiane escaped the Indiana winter and experienced her first plane ride the night before. Of course being her first time in Florida, Christiane took the time to name each of the various Palm trees. Which I think her names are way better than the actual names. (If there are actual names that is). 

The day started at an adorable breakfast diner in Haines City, FL. where Ian and myself finally got to meet Christiane in person. After laughing at the bathroom labels for differentiating Men & Women, Sausage & Eggs, we headed to the Bok Tower Gardens. Ian only slightly realized his best friend was about to become engaged on the car ride over. (And later realized that said engaged friend would soon be married. This bromance is certainly one Christiane and I cannot compete with). 

We all enjoyed leisurely walking around and enjoying all that the Bok Tower had to offer. It was absolutely gorgeous! Favorite moment before the big engagement was watching Jon, Christiane, and Ian make fish faces at the Koi in the pond. 

After roaming around for a couple hours, it was time for the big moment! Jon gave me the thumbs up as I was fumbling with changing my lenses. Christiane said it couldn't have been more perfectly timed as she asked Jon to "tell [her] a story," as they were walking and he responded by getting down on one knee. 

My heart melted as I watched both of them smile ear-to-ear unable to contain their happiness any longer. To say you could feel the love and sheer joy from these two is an understatement. 

Matt, Debbie, and little Katarina joined the evening festivities sharing in many laughs and stories over dinner at The CowFish.

As Jon and Christiane come together and inspire those around them to put God first, I pray for many many many years brimming with blessings.

Magician Ace Cunnings | Orlando, FL Magic

Ace, my model for the day, and I met the cutest and most awesome two-year-old in line to see Ariel. Watching Ace interact with the little boy was very heart warming. If anyone could help us locate the family of the little boy pictured below,  we would both appreciate it very much. I would love to be able to give them the images of their little boy and girl. I believe the little boy’s name to be Drighton, and the family is from Louisiana.

About the day:

I had the opportunity to photograph something very new to me-sleight of hand and illusions. Magician Ace Cunnings, Orlando’s own magician and illusionist, worked patiently (and epically I might add) with me. Ace performed magic on the spot, and engaged the audience around him. 

Ace worked great with and brought smiles to adults and children alike. Below you will find the images of the “street” magic. Check back soon for Ace’s story, styled images, and magic with Disney characters! 

21 Life lessons learned the year after divorce

  1. Healing takes time, but time heals anything that hurts
  2. More people care about you than you realize.
  3. It's okay to be a little selfish, and dare I say, fall in love with yourself. (Good and bad).
  4. No one will ever respect you until you respect yourself.
  5. You will love again. When you do it will be greater and deeper than you could ever imagine and from people you never expected.
  6. God is the best friend you will ever have. 
  7. You're likely going to experience emotions you never knew existed. Don't try to eliminate them. Embrace them and work through each as they manifest.
  8. How you're feeling is completely rational and perfectly okay.
  9. If it hurts, embrace it. Let it hurt so much you'll never forget it, and consequently, you'll never want to look back.
  10. Surround yourself with people that make you laugh so hard you get an ab workout by simply visiting with them.
  11. When you have no desire to smile, smile that much bigger. One day you'll wake up and not have to think about it.
  12. No amount of money  can replace the love or passion you desperately need in your life. And no, money cannot buy your happiness. 
  13. Talk. Talk to everyone you possible can. Tell your story. It's going to hurt. It's going to rip your heart out and leave you feeling vulnerable. Jump. Tell the story until it no longer hurts. There will be a moment you realize it no longer hurts. You'll know then it's healed. 
  14. Be content with doing nothing. It's completely liberating.
  15. When you're laying in your big bed and you feel cold and alone, put on a pair of socks, toss on an extra blanket, and talk to God. You won't feel so alone anymore. 
  16. A big hug, a good laugh, a little bit of chocolate and coffee, and a whole lot of Jesus is the answer to anything.
  17. Throw out or sell anything that has a feeling attached with it you never want to experience again. Keep all photographs, though. Shove them in a box if you can't stand looking at them. One day looking back will bring happiness and show how far you've come in life. 
  18. As hard as it is, don't let your "failed" love creep into your new love.
  19. There is no such thing as a "failed" love. All love comes with good and bad and a lesson.
  20. Pray for everyone you can (this includes your ex), and give your time to help others. It's just good for the soul. 
  21. Love, all love, is absolutely, positively worth it! All of it.

WV State Fair | Adams Family

After spending and capturing a morning with BJ, Kassie, and Caedmon, we spent the rest of the day at the West Virginia State Fair. Thank you to Kassie for sharing the tickets she won with my mom and I! We had a great day! 

*Most of the action shots were taken while on the rides. Holding/operating a camera while being flung proved to be a difficult task.

If you loved these images, leave them some love!

Day in the Life | Adams Family

This is the first go with the new "Day in the Life" sessions soon to be offered. Kass and BJ have a heart-melting and miracle of a story with their little boy Caedmon. 

Here's Kassie's story of the months leading to the birth of her beautiful baby boy:

"We had been married for two years when we decided to start a family. After trying for 3 years and no results, we decided to switch doctors. After some testing, it was determined that we would not have children of our own with out the help of fertility medication and probably in vitro fertilization. We chose not to do either, due to the high risks of the drugs. We decided that we would save up and eventually adopt. Still heart broken from the news, we still decided to be faithful to God and praise him through this anyway. One Sunday during a service, pastor said that he felt that someone needed to go buy a pack of diapers out of faith and expect a miracle. I felt like that message was for me. So next grocery trip, BJ and I headed down the diaper aisle. We felt like fools. We had no idea what we were looking for or what we were doing. So we chose a pack of inexpensive newborn diapers. We went to checkout and we had all food and at the end of the line was this small pack of diapers.  We brought them home opened them and smelled them. We laughed at each other, and we laughed at the fact we bought diapers for a baby that didn't exist. We put them in the spare closet and forgot about them. 6 weeks later, I bought a pregnancy test at 10:30 pm at the 7-11 down the street. We were pretty sure it was going to be negative. When it showed positive, we remembered the pack of diapers, and God's promise that he will give us the desires of our hearts. I had a wonderful and completely healthy pregnancy, and now I have a wonderful and completely healthy baby boy."

God is good all time and his love is like no other. Here is a typical morning with the Adams.

Leave BJ, Kass, and Caedmon lots of love! 

Alex Thomas-Wardrobe Designer


Our first guest blogger, Alex Thomas, is the owner of Brynja's Hoard-viking inspired clothing and jewelry designer.

Of course, I'm sure you're dying to know the story behind the name, "Brynja's Hoard." I was too. Brynja is Alex's name in the Dagorhir viking group. After becoming enthralled and fascinated with viking history she decided to make clothing and jewelry inspired by the era. A "hoard" is a large amount of treasure. Alex would like for people to see her designs as her interpretation and creation "awesome one-of-a-kind treasures from history." 

In true Viking fashion, Alex disclosed her favorite quote is, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Alex is great to work with as she takes and idea an runs with it creating beautiful and unique pieces of clothing and jewelry. This is her account of how she comes about her final pieces. 

Onwards and upwards to the epic-ness that is Alex:

A Day May Come When The Strength Of A Needle Fails, But It Is Not This Day!

By: Alex Thomas

As I sit spinning around in my swivel chair perfectly positioned in ready to sew mode, snack time calls my name. Sometimes creativity hates me. So I wander around shoving my mouth with chocolate, then it hits like a steam train on a one way trip to Narnia.

When asked to design an outfit for a photo, my mind starts racing with ideas and concepts. At times, nothing sticks out to me, and that's when chocolate comes in. Then, light bulb! I get to drawing and designing. Once I have an idea, I start to work with it more. I add or take things away, or I completely change the design because what I was working on, inspired me to make something else. It's a constant battle of ideas and designing.

After a stint of brainstorming, I draw up what I want. Usually at this point I start making patterns, I like to use muslin. It's sturdier than pattern paper and stays on the fabric I’m cutting better. Once patterns are all cut up, I switch on “Sassy Pants” (my sewing machine). I make sure she's cleaned and oiled well. This is the part my sewing machine hates. I rev her up like a 86' Camaro (not really, but I like to pretend)! I start to sewing like a mad woman hyped up on skittles and mountain dew. During the sewing process I have my assistant Evil Betty (my dress form, I have a skull mounted where the head should be) help me out with fittings.

Alex with "Sassy Pants."

Alex with "Sassy Pants."

“Masquerade Maniac” Photos by:  Mark Thomas

“Masquerade Maniac” Photos by: Mark Thomas

Evil Betty

Evil Betty

As I'm sewing together the amazing outfit, more ideas flood my mind. This is when I wish my brain had an off button, but it doesn't. I sometimes listen, other times I don't. So, I just keep sewing. We all have bad habits, especially me! I tend to make things overly complicated with my designs. I suppose it's not too horrible since I'm usually very happy with the finished product. Once the outfit is complete, I present it to the photographer.

While the photographer looks over the finished piece, I give them the big “Puss In Boots” eyes and hope for a sign of approval. Even if I'm on the other side of the world, they know I'm doing it. Although I may love what I made, I'm always afraid everyone else won't. It's another struggle I deal with, but I try and focus on the positive.

At Brynja's Hoard, I do more than just outfits/wardrobe for photography. My favorite inspired clothing to make is from the 900BC-­1100BC Viking era. There is very little known about the Norsemen, so I piece together what I can and then add some of my own personality to it. If I could travel back in time, I probably would. Their culture and way of life inspires me to create amazing pieces of clothing.

Photos below are taken by Unikke Foto & the pieces were created by Alex after approx. 19 hours of work. 

Kaftan-embroidered eagles by Alex

Kaftan-embroidered eagles by Alex

Apron Dress with lacing sides & purple underdress

Apron Dress with lacing sides & purple underdress

Spring Fairy copper and glass necklace

Spring Fairy copper and glass necklace

I look at how they lived, where they lived, who they traded with, what status they carried. Every piece of information I read goes into the clothing. The same goes for the jewelry I make. I use natural materials such as cooper, glass beads and bone. There are plenty of times when I'm working on a viking piece of jewelry and it starts to look too modern/fantasy. At that point I just roll with it and make it into something different.

Every day is a new opportunity to go into the past, learn what I can and create my vision. I love what I do!


Check out Brynja's Hoard on Etsy! Click below:

Brynja's Hoard:



Photos contained in this blog post were taken by Mark Thomas of Unikke Foto in Chambersburg, PA.

Unikke Foto:




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Model Monday-Colie W. in Baltimore, MD

The simply stunning and great to work with, Colie Wagner, withstood below freezing temperatures at the Cylburn Arborteum in Baltimore, MD. While Winter provides amazing lighting for photographers, it is certainly a battle of mind over matter for models. Colie never complained once! 

Today, I caught up with Colie and asked her a plethora of questions pertaining to her modeling experience. While she is just starting out, she has some great words of wisdom!

What is fun and rewarding about modeling?

It is just nice to be able to be yourself in front of the camera and feel totally comfortable while doing so. I love being able to have fun and goof around at shoots.

What distinguishes a good model from a bad one?

I believe a good model should always have a good attitude, be down to earth, and be able to adapt to the different ways different photographers work.

How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?

It has made me more confident in myself. I used to be extremely under confident, self-conscious, and scared to do many different things. Being able to model has made me open up to new opportunities and has made me realize to not be scared of anything. It taught me to embrace everything you are made of.

Where do you generally shop? : 

My three favorite stores are Forever 21, Love Culture, and Windsor.

What location(s) do you work in, and where are you willing to travel?: 

New Jersey.

What is the best way for photographers to get in touch with you?: 

Facebook or Email-

What is your availability for future shoots?

Weekends are usually best, but I can sometimes work around them. I like to plan ahead!


Check out Colie's work, and don't forget to follow her on Twitter @colie_bearr

The first image shown won "Outstanding" in the ViewBug's Beautiful Figures Photo Contest. 

Colie's favorite quote is, "to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment" because many people are afraid of being themselves anymore. They try to be what people make them be. I believe it is the greatest thing if you can remain yourself and still accomplish everything you have wanted too without turning into something you are not. 

Colie reminds us to always be original.

It was such a pleasure working with her, and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to book a reliable and flexible model! 

Leave Colie lots of love in the comments!

If you love these photos, visit for even more! 

Behind the scenes-Creating Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin's paper dress

Kailyn Lowry Marroquin models paper wedding dress. This is a behind the scenes look at the creation of the dress by Orlando Senior Photographer, Kate Robertson with Brazen Photo.

"Over the last couple years many people have had to do double and triple takes after I tell them it is not a real wedding dress but in fact is entirely made of paper." 

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17 things you didn't know about your Orlando Senior Photographer

(Because 20 is too many and 15 too few.)

  1. My nickname growing up was crash, because I was constantly falling or running into things. 
  2. Once I fell into a manhole in the middle of a sidewalk.
  3. I instantly turn into a giddy little girl again when I see anything from The Lion King.
  4. I follow a strict gluten, soy, potato, corn, and tree nut free diet. (Try explaining that to a chef)!
  5. Grandma's pin wheel candy is my favorite, but I'll settle for a plain Hershey bar.
  6. My uncle and I send each other selfies of our white chocolate mochas from Starbucks. Don't judge.
  7. I put ketchup on my ketchup and frequently eat it with a side of ketchup.
  8. Man, West Virginia is my hometown, and I am a proud alum of Man High School-home of the Hillbillies.
  9. "The higher, the faster, the better." My philosophy on roller coasters.
  10. I have 5 tattoos.
  11. Growing up I dreamed of becoming a professional rollerblader.
  12. I was married at the tender age of two. It ended in a nasty divorce when I found my first boyfriend in kindergarten.  He got the car, but I won the custody battle over Barbie.
  13. I didn't learn to swim until I was 13.
  14. I hate leaving voicemails. They're such a permanent thing. (Okay, yes. I once professed my love for a boy I liked, and couldn't take it back.)
  15. I want a love like Hazel Grace had with Augustus Waters-even if it ends in heart break.
  16. I love hugs.
  17. Psalm 46:5

If you could be anyone?

Mistake. Never good enough. Fat. Ugly. >>>Insert slam here<<< Growing up my head was filled with words that all added to the conclusion that I'll never be worth it. Different phrases from different faces in towns and places sure to leave a lasting impression in my mind, heart, and soul.

Born of a mother and father too young to care for me, I was a statistical anomaly from the very beginning. 

Continue forward.  

Mama married a man with a bad past and broken promises. He cut us down, slapped us around, and left invisible scars that will never heal. 

Out of the lies, all of the cries, the hurt and the pain, I decided at a very young age, I will be no one's statistic. Maybe that was the problem. 

Society rejects anything that doesn't fit into the mold.  

Children posed with the question, "If you could be anyone for a day who would you be?" As if they are not good enough being who they are. 

Dodging the question with shallow answers such as Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn my whole body always wanted to scream out another answer, "I WOULD BE MYSELF!"

Each day a different person suiting someone else. Pretending to be perfect for them. I lost myself in the process. 

But how could I ever say that out loud? It's conceited and self-indulgent and a child or person in this society should never do such a thing.  

After 25 years of losing myself in attempt to make those around me happy, I'm saying it now. 

Today and everyday I'm going to be me. 

A multi-faceted girl living in a rather difficult world.  

I may be big, but my heart and passion for which I do things is even bigger. 

I'll let you in on a little secret though.... 

My self-worth is not dependent on those around me, or the number sewn on the inside on my clothing.

Every day I struggle to get up and look at myself in the mirror.

The hurt will undo. 

The scars will fade away. 

The next time someone asks, who you would be, you know what to say. 

These photos have been a long time coming. Over two years I have tried to take these photos since the release of the Beauty is Sizeless Campaign. I have tried on numerous occasions and stopped and cried repulsed by what I saw. I felt like a liar. It wasn't that I didn't believe that beauty is sizeless, I just didn't believe I could ever be beautiful.  I am so overwhelmed with fear looking at this, but I know I have to do it. 

Chambersburg, PA Breast Cancer Survivor-Maria Glenn

I recently had the privilege to meet an indescribably beautiful woman with an incredible story and even more incredible soul. The moment Sheena Snyder (from Alpha Fitness) called to tell me Maria Glenn's story, I knew she was someone that would leave a lasting impression on me.  

As Maria told me her story she laughed instead of cried. I laughed with her. I went in fully prepared to have my heart ripped from my body as her story is one that has the absolute potential to do so, but instead I celebrated with her. By the end of it I had teared up but it was from laughing, not crying. I was so happy by the end of the conversation, and I'm still astonished at how that happened given the subject matter. The world needs more people like Maria. She is such an amazing person with a truly amazing soul. 

Soon Maria and I will be getting together to tell her story through images and video, but until then you should read the article in the Public Opinion to start to get to know a little bit about this incredible woman! 

Read the Public Opinion article HERE to get to know more about Maria's story!

Below are a few images of Maria and the staff at Alpha Fitness.

About Alpha Fitness:

Alpha Fitness is a fitness center located in Chambersburg, PA owned by Jeremiah & Sheena Snyder. Child care is available at a very affordable price! 

To contact Alpha Fitness:

Phone: 717-261-0077

For membership information, hours, and class times, checkout:



Instagram: @i_am_alpha_fit

If Sheena & Jeremiah's amazing personalities don't win you over immediately, then surely little Miah's will!  

"Don't you see that you can't live however you please, squandering what god paid such a high price for? The physical part of you is not some piece of property belonging to the spiritual part of you. God owns the whole works. So let people see God in and through your body."     -1 Corinthians 6:19-20


Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin Family-Rehoboth Beach,DE

The day Marroquin's and my team headed to Rehoboth Beach was a wonderful day for family photos. These are not just any family photos though, they are photos that will make you want to smile from ear to ear and enjoy their day at the beach with them.

We started off in the arcade where Isaac killed it at skee ball, Javi showed the racing game who was boss, and Kailyn was dominating the claw machine. (Actually, it was really stingy with its prizes, but the girl had heart and that's all that matters).

Isaac got some cool prizes from all the games everyone played, and we then moved to the boardwalk where Kailyn, Javi, and Isaac enjoyed some delicious ice cream and italian ice. Can we pause for a second and talk about how cute the photo of Isaac and the sprinkles is? 

We then took a few posed photos on the boardwalk, and since it's impossible for him to turn the cute off, Isaac pushed Kailyn and Javi's heads closer together in a photo and kept saying, "Kiss! Kiss!" I thought my heart was going to melt right out of my body! 

Afterward, we made our way to the water. The seagulls were everywhere! Isaac enjoyed chasing them, and a few generous women gave him some bread to feed them. While Kailyn and Isaac didn't have a care in the world, Javi, myself, and the rest of my crew were only mildly cowering in fear (shh! don't tell anyone) hoping we didn't either A.) become food or B.) be the receiving end of their already eaten food.

The day was ended with some more heart melting photos of Isaac and Javi running into the arms of Kailyn and then the three of them together in front of the ocean.

It was a great time spending the day with Kailyn, Javi, and Isaac, and photographing them before little Marroquin enters the world.  I have to say, though, my favorite moment of the day was Isaac sharing his red Power Ranger with me!

Congratulations Kailyn & Javi! 


My Teenage Single Mother...How one sentence changed my life

Growing up my mom would tell me over and over, "Katie, you've got to look past the city limit sign," and "never travel without your Bible." I never really knew what she meant until I got older. I've carried this quote with me my entire life and looking back I realized from it (and my mom) I learned:

1.) If you make a "mistake" don't run. Blessings in life are hidden by a nasty term called "hard work."


2.)  Try iceskating (or a new activity frequently) it keeps life exciting and makes for some interesting stories later!


3.)  Karaoke at least once or two or three times, and tell your children they can sing even if they can't. It makes them feel like they have the chance of fulfilling their dreams of being a famous rockstar one day. Kind words go a long way in life. 


4.) Be present in photos. Every house, school, friend, family member, or job you have, document it. It doesn't matter if you have packed on a few pounds or have a pimple on the end of your nose. One day you'll wish you had those photos to look back on. 

5.)  If you find someone worth your time, make sure they're worth your future or present children's time as well. 

6.)  Never take yourself so serious you forget how to have fun, and always be yourself, no matter who is watching. 


7.) Work hard. It will pay off some day. 

8. There will come a time (most likely many times) in your life where you meet a cross roads. Do not panic.

9.) If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.  


10.) At the end of it all NEVER quit dreaming. NEVER quit praying. NEVER quit looking past that city limit sign! Whatever you dream of is possible, so don't limit yourself. The city may look large, but the world is larger. (The Universe even larger!) 

Yesterday my mom sent a quote to me. I'm not sure where it originated from, but I think it will be a nice one to keep me going for the next few years, "Are you satisfied with a spark, or do you want to set the world on fire?" 


10 Ways To Not Suck As a Model

(For the newbie freelance model)

1. Actually show up. You might think this is self explanatory, but I am constantly booking models that cancel last minute and offer up lame excuses such as, "I woke up with a huge pimple," "I don't have any means of transportation," or "my boyfriend doesn't want anyone else to see me."

2. Show up on time....Okay I admit it, I'll probably be late to my own funeral, so at least show up within 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment. I've had models try to show up over an hour late with not a single call before. One model's excuse? "Oh! I was working on my hair, so I thought it would be okay." Yeah, no.

3. Invest in a good nude bra and panty set and bring it with you to every session. Along with this, ask if you should bring any other color of undies or articles of clothing such as jeans and a plain form-fitted white tee!

4. Lose the boyfriend. No seriously. I'm all for having an escort on the day of your session; in fact, I highly encourage it, but bringing your boyfriend/girlfriend is a disaster waiting to happen. All too often I have seen arguments break loose almost turning into physical fights because said boyfriend/girlfriend got jealous. It makes for a hostile environment, and inevitably your emotions show through in your photos.

5. Notify your photographer if you have any tattoos. I love body art and have four large tattoos myself, but nothing throws off an extensively planned and styled session more than a host of surprise tattoos proclaiming your love for that hipster band, your lover, your lack of religious affiliations, or the bad decision you made while partying. Just tell your photographer ahead of time, so they don't miss the mark in their planning stages.

6. Don't do drugs...mmmkay?! For real though! Oh, and you should probably limit the caffeine intake to what's recommended daily. Caffeine jitters and the inevitable crash immediately following is just a ticking time bomb to bad photos.

7. Don't create a profile on Model Mayhem mark it, "Paid Assignments Only," and upload a handful of pixelated self phone photos. This tells the general viewing public 1.) you're deluded, 2.) you're likely full of yourself, 3.) you're entirely too difficult to work with already, and 4.) you're not willing to put in the work necessary to even get TFP work so why would anyone bother to pay? You have to prove why you're worth being paid, not that you're some random pretty person. Not all pretty people can model, and that's a fact!

8. Read what you sign. If we have you sign something it's for our protection and yours. A contract is a legally binding agreement, so know what you are signing by educating yourself. Ask as many questions necessary to know what is the expected outcome of the session and contract. This will eliminate bad business relationships in the future I promise!

9. Don't take a perfectly good photo and destroy it with Instagram filters or a crappy photoshop edit and claim it as your own. First of all, it's stealing. Second of all, no one believes you took it because 1.) you're in it and 2.) it's not a crappy mirror pic. Share the original (with permission) and credit the proper people, and you'll make a lot of people happy. Also, don't be that person to ask for the raw files of your work so you can, "edit them yourself," because you are a "photographer" too. No. Just no.

10. Have fun! Smile! Laugh! Dance! This industry can be so harsh sometimes, but what's the point if it's not fun?

Do you have any more tips to not suck as a freelance model? How about model horror stories? Sound off in the comments below!!


Jenn Merrel Killin' it! This is another example of how to not suck as a model! We blasted her with flour &amp; she stayed poised!

Jenn Merrel Killin' it! This is another example of how to not suck as a model! We blasted her with flour & she stayed poised!

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn & Javi's Wedding (Flip book Credit MTV)

Below are photos taken at Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin's wedding September 21, 2013 by Kate Hedrick Photography found on MTV's Remote Control Blog!  

Thank you to Charles Hedrick, Gary Koech, & Adam Burge for assistance this weekend it wouldn't have been possible without you! 

Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin's Wedding

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 10.20.34 AM.png

I had the absolute honor of photographing MTV's Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin's wedding this past weekend (September 21, 2013). Visions of starfish danced in their heads while mine was swimming frantically hoping I nailed every shot necessary and of course didn't come out of the bathroom with my skirt tucked in my pantyhose! 

Every photographer dreams of two days, the day a celebrity chooses them as their photographer and the day their photos make it to the front page of a national magazine. It's been a whirlwind of a day as I logged on to InTouch Magazine, see the cover of the current issue, and realized that day is here. I'm not entirely sure what to do with the information (except dance like a giddy five-year-old of course)!

Later in the day I checked my twitter to find an article from Perez Hilton talking about the wedding, and he said the photos were "lovely"!!! *Enter fangirl screaming and jumping* 




For Perez Hilton's post click HERE.

Until I am granted permission, I cannot post any photos; however, photos from the wedding have been released on MTV's blog and may be viewed HERE.  

Also be sure to check out MTV Remote Control Blog with details of the wedding HERE

And THIS Examiner Article just because I think it's cool.  

Here are the unedited photos taken by Kate Hedrick Photography, posted by Kailyn to her Instagram. Check them out, and let us know what you think in the comments below!